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Our Philosophy

Making transactions between individuals as efficient, cost effective and secure as possible.

“Split and Pay is built out of exceptional
 people who are passionate about
 streamlining the transactions industry
 for everyone.
 This industry has been stagnant far too
 long. Split and Pay refreshingly
 introduces a more efficient,
 cost-effective and secure approach
 through research and development,
 technology and expertise.
 Efficiency, security, quality and
 continual advancement are core to our
 philosophy and everything we do -
 and we do this for the benefit of every

Effortless Splitting, Effortless Payments
Collage of friends

At Split and Pay, we help individuals manage the splitting of
group bills easily and conveniently. We do this by creating
great platforms and technologies to enable individuals
to transact effeciently, cost effectively in a secure and safe

We built Split and Pay to take the hassle out of
tracking, collecting, reminding and consolidating
from a group of friends.
Whether it’s for a group dinner, a getaway holiday
with friends or having to organise a bucks / hens
night or weekend, we know that the splitting of bills
can be awkward and it shouldn’t detract away from
an otherwise great day or evening.

We also understand how uncomfortable it can be to
ask friends for their share, and we understand that
most of the time, it’s because we are all so busy and
just need a faster and more convenient way to pay,
more than any other reason.

That’s why with Split and Pay, friends can pay for
their share quickly and conveniently using their
credit card or EFT.

The convenient way - effortless splitting, effortless

We've Come a Long Way

Split and Pay is the flagship product of Ascana, a
self-funded privately owned company domiciled in
Sydney, Australia.

Since 2008, the team at Split and Pay have been
continually challenging the status quo in its
objective to bring to market a more secure and
efficient transaction system.

Split and Pay was founded by expertise drawn from
a number of pivotal industries including law
enforcement, intelligence, banking and commercial

At Split and Pay’s core is “Anti-FACADE” (Anti
Fraudulent and Criminal Activity Detection Engine
Ascana’s disruptive, proprietary technology powering
Split and Pay, that builds confidence and trust,
providing leading fraud and criminal activity
detection prior to transaction execution.

From initial incepetion several years ago, where it’s
founders were dissatisfied with current market
offerings, to today, where Split and Pay has become
the ubiquitous standard, the team behind Split
and Pay continually strives to improve and breathe
life into an otherwise monochrome industry.

We’ve come a long way, with an exciting journey
still ahead of us.



Why Split and Pay?

Challenge the status quo. Disrupt the stagnant industry. Fulfill the unmet need.

A Short Conversation...

Everyone loves going out and having great times together, right?
.... but what a downer when you get the bill.
        One guy makes his usual promise "I will pay you next time",
                ...someone else is $10 short...
                   (and you can guarantee you will never see that $10 again),
                        ...another friend leaves early and short pays by $50
                                ... and you are left paying the shortfall
                                ... and stuck with chasing everyone for
                                      payment the next two weeks    :-(
Imagine how it would feel if you didn't have to worry about
working out who owes what - in just a few minutes online (or on
your phone) - you type in the bill and automatically split the
charges between all your friends.
                                  no more calculators at the dining table,
                     no more chasing the guy who split early,
       no more stress,                imagine that...!


Split and Pay - Fulfilling an Unmet Need... Conveniently!

Moving bills with a group is hard...
Splitting payments/bills with a group is traditionally difficult

  1. The original individual payer is not paid back in full from others,
  2. Monitoring of who has paid and who hasn’t is time consuming,
  3. Pursuing outstanding debts is exhausting and complicated (particularly between friends and close associates),
  4. There is no easy way to pay the other party;
    (no easy payment system or service to collect, account, track, report and reconcile all the transactions simply and conveniently).

There has to be a more convenient way to split and to pay...
There has to be a more convenient way to split  and  to pay

There is an unfulfilled need for a solution to split costs and bills for a wide
variety of occasions where an individual pays for a group and needs to be
paid back later by members of the group in a systematic and reliable way.
That’s why we developed Split and Pay!
With Split and Pay:
  • smile, knowing splitting and managing group bills is convenient and easy,
  • relax, knowing reminder and notification services will keep track for you,
  • feel great, that friends can pay back their share via credit card or EFT, and
  • enjoy life the way it was meant to be (take the 60 second tour now).

Splitting and paying bills with Split and Pay... now that's convenience!
Split and Pay - The convenient way

So is Split and Pay really the convenient way? We thought we would ask
some of our users for a list of the benefits they gained from using
Split and Pay and compiled a short summary:
  • Increases Payback Rate - Significantly increases the rate of getting paid back from friends and associates.
  • Decreases Remittance Time - Significantly decreases the time it takes for friends and associates to remit payment.
  • Saves Reconciliation Time - Saves time monitoring who has paid and who hasn’t with payment reconciliation.
  • Definitive Clearance - Alleviates clearance complications or misdirected transfers. Definitive declarations whether funds have cleared and received by one to all.
  • One Bill, Multiple Cards - Multiple credit card payments from individuals within a group, now possible. Everyone is able to utilise a credit card for their share of the bill.
  • Merchants Benefit Too - Restaurants and merchants love the option as it simplifies their need for bill collection (particularly split bill requests).
  • Refreshingly Uncomplicated - No messy sign ups with multiple banks required. Collecting payments from multiple friends shouldn’t hurt. No minimums, no hoops - refreshing!
  • Convenient and Fun! - Whether it’s for splitting a ten person 25th birthday or a bucks / hens night, Split and Pay is fast, convenient and easy to use - dare we say FUN!